For A Good Time Call

Trish Jensen


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Beschreibung zu „For A Good Time Call“

"A story that blends liberal doses of laughter with a few smiling tears. I highly recommend it." --Bookbug on the Web

A mysterious prank brought them together for sizzling-hot romance . . .

"I'm just a nosy little ad exec who's dying to see who invited me to meet you."

"Listen, Sherry Whoever-You-Are, I'm very, very busy," Kit Fleming answered. "If you could just speed this up, I'd be wildly grateful."

Sherry became uncomfortably aware that he had a very sexy phone voice. "Well, you see, I got a delivery tonight, and I didn't have anything smaller than a fifty, so the kid had to give me change."

"Uh-huh," he said, the grunt tinged with annoyance. "Fascinating."

"The twenty he gave me had some writing on it."


"'For a good time, call Kit.' And of course, your phone number."

Trish Jensen is the bestselling author of romantic comedies including Against His Will, Stuck With You, and Phi Beta Bimbo. Visit her at

Über Trish Jensen

Trish Jensen writes humor because she can't not write humor. In fact, her first rejections from editors always mentioned that she made them laugh while she was killing characters (a no-no, apparently). So she stopped killing characters, for the most part, and decided to try to make them fall in love instead. Much more conducive as romance in all of its forms beg for humor. And they're so intriguingly much more complex than "insert knife here." Don't get her wrong. She can cry at the drop of a dog commercial. But finds it so much more satisfying (and HARD), to make people laugh. But it's her passion. So sue her. But laugh while you're doing it. Trish lives near her alma mater, Penn State, the beautiful, and Amish-filled mountains of central PA with her very spoiled (and Trish still has NO idea how that happened) black lab. Her Books From BelleBooks/Bell Bridge Books: Just This Once, Send Me No Flowers, For a Good, Time Call, Against His Will, The Harder They Fall, Stuck With You, 'Twas the Night


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Sirtake – 20.01.2015
Eli-Baden – 21.04.2017
A lovely story👍!

Babsi – 26.11.2015

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