A love against the ages

Shan R.K

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Beschreibung zu „Killer“

"She told me, she promised me, she'd stay away, now she's here and all I have to do is pull the trigger."

A life for a life were the words we parted with.
I left Liston Hills, out of FEAR, for one man.
He was supposed to be my family, and PROTECT me.
HE betrayed me instead, ripped my family away from me, took the love of my life and everything else I cared for. It's 10 years later, I'm back and I need him.

Only now, he is no longer the man with a grudge, and a gun, he is worse and his cold heartless eyes are promising me DEATH. I once called him Kevin.

Now, I call him KILLER and I, Sienna Bray is next on his LIST.

Killer never wanted much in life, but a woman who would be his wife and make his mother happy. But now, while searching for Lucca Sanati, secrets of his past come to his club and she comes with an entire package of her own problems.

He should kill her but the club stands against him. They all want to protect her.

What they don't know, is Sienna Bray is no damsel in distress, she is the Grim Reaper deciding who to take out next.

This book is not for the soft-hearted. If you have a problem with step-cousins dating, please don't read. If you have triggers to good romantic books, please move along. Killer isn't an erotic read, so if you looking for that sort of thing, please go for Beggar, or wait for Sienna's book, there will be alot of THAT inside.

While I have taken every measure to make the book enjoyable, please leave a review and let me know how you felt reading the book and which character would you like to see next.

Book 5, in the Satan Sniper's Motorcycle Club Series, brings a completely new story that will make you cry, laugh and scream for more in this enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity and second chance romance.






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