Wanderlust: A Tiny Isle in the Northern Sea

A True Story

Katja Just

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Beschreibung zu „Wanderlust: A Tiny Isle in the Northern Sea“

Hallig Hooge is a tiny marsh island just off the North German coast with about 100 inhabitants. One of them is Katja Just. 16 years ago, she decided to trade her busy city life and her promising career in Munich for the contemplative everyday life on Hooge and hasn't regretted a day since.
Despite its seclusion, life never gets dull on Hallig Hooge! From encounters with stubborn Hallig people to fascinating natural spectacles and unexpected challenges on the edge of civilization, Katja Just has a lot of stories to tell. With humor and attention to detail, she presents anecdotes from her life on Hallig Hooge and shows readers how eventful and satisfying life at the supposed end of the world can be.


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