Write Your First Book

How To Start, Finish And Publish The Book Inside Of You

Peter Biadasz

Job & Karriere Hobby

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The information I share here is a professional overview of what anyone will need to start, finish and publish their book.

Although there are many more detailed volumes in existence that give instructions on publishing, new authors do not want to read the boring details, just practical, down-to-earth, ready-to-use-now information.

You Want This book If…

➺ You have an idea for a book but just don’t know the next step is in getting those ideas into a book format.

➺ You are an unpublished author wanting to publish your book and/or a book series.

➺ You are a self-published author and want to expand marketing and sales efforts to sell more books.

➺ You are a published author who wants to expand your body of work and/or expand the marketing and sales efforts of your existing works.

➺ You are a speaker, pastor or teacher desiring to turn your recorded presentations into books.


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