In Pink

Miss Irene Clearmont


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Beschreibung zu „In Pink“

With an original cover designed by the great Sardax, the incomparable and glorious Miss Irene brings you her latest adventure in the world of dominant and irresistible females and the men – and sometimes women – enslaved into their service. Welcome to the first book in the glorious Miss Irene's "Domains" series. Imagine a corporation, so powerful and secretive, that it can gratify even the most decadent and sadistic female desires of those wealthy enough, and perverse enough, to pay for their services. A corporation that calls itself "CM Domains" and supplies an ever growing number of compounds catering to the explicit fetishes and desires of its female customers. Compounds that allow those that can afford them the luxury of having complete mental and physical control of a slave who is modified to suit their needs and is NOT a robot. Alexa, a powerful woman with a desire for complete control, is about to enter "CM Domains" and find herself... In the "PINK".


Pink Flamingo Publications




ca. 134





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