Stones of Remembrance

Julie Presley

Gegenwartsliteratur Religion & Glaube

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Beschreibung zu „Stones of Remembrance“

For two years, since the death of her sister, Allaya Sheldon has been running on autopilot. She is in desperate need of healing and restoration but has denied anyone or anything that could bring her the peace that she needs ... until now. A firm but gentle prodding has brought her to her family’s lake house seeking solitude and healing.

The appearance of her childhood friend, Finn Meyers, presents as a distraction from her purpose, but Allaya soon discovers that God’s plan for her healing involves much more than just a quiet cabin and a picturesque lake. He wants to reveal his goodness and do a work in both Allaya and Finn’s lives that neither of them ever saw coming.

God is good, and until we can receive that truth we can’t fully receive the gifts that he has for us.


Presley Publishing




ca. 193





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