Know Your Own Mind

Imre Vallyon


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Beschreibung zu „Know Your Own Mind“

Did you know that you really are a beautiful person? Realizing this about yourself is essentially a process of self-discovery. First you must want to change. It is not enough to simply complain inwardly about the present, the past, or the future. If you are committed to change, this ebook is a set of instructions for you to follow on a daily basis. If you do what is suggested, very soon you will notice the changes. A strong positive mind and a warm Heart will be yours. You will begin to see life differently, you will feel real joy, and finally, you will understand that the author is right: You really are a beautiful person!

In “Know Your Own Mind”, author Imre Vallyon will guide you deep into the workings of your mind, and beyond the limitations of thought to the condition of no-thinking-at-all. “This no-thinking is the source of all Power, all Knowledge, all Bliss. It is the Highest State of Being. It is that which is before you. When all activity ceases, there is That. That is So. That is Such. It is inexpressible. It is That which you are looking for. It is That which you have been searching for all your life.”


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