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Heikin Ashi Trader


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Forex TradingIncludes 4 Manuscripts:Book 1: Fast Trading with the Heikin Ashi chartBook 2: Practical ExamplesBook 3: How Do I Rate my Trading Results?Book 4: Trading Is Flow BusinessScalping is the fastest way to make money in the forex market. There are no other methods that can increase the capital of a trader more effectively. To explain how this is so, the Heikin Ashi Trader tells all in this four-part series on scalping. This highly effective scalping strategy is very easy to understand and can be applied immediately because it is universal and works in all forex markets. It can be applied in very short time frame, as in the 1-minute chart as well as on higher time frames. Book 1: Fast Trading with the Heikin Ashi chart1. Welcome to scalping. It’s fun! 2. How do markets function? 3. What is trading? 4. What is scalping? 5. The Heikin Ashi chart 6. The scalping setup 7. Risk and Money Management 8. Make a decision! Book 2: Practical Examples1. Scalping with Technical Analysis 2. How do I Interpret Heikin Ashi Charts? 3. When do I Get In? 4. When do I Get Out? 5. Working with Price Objectives 6. Heikin Ashi Scalping in Practice 7. Does Technical Analysis Help While Heikin Ashi Scalping? A. Support and Resistance B. Swing High and Swing Low of the Past Days C. The Importance of the Round Number in Forex 8. How do I Recognize Trend Days? 9. How do I Scalp Trend Days? 10. Conclusion Book 3: How Do I Rate my Trading Results?1. The Trading Journal as a weapon 2. The first 12 weeks of a new Scalper - Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4 - Week 5 - Week 6 - Week 7 - Week 8 - Week 9 - Week 10 - Week 11 - Week 12 3. How is Jenny doing now? 4. Scalping is a Business Book 4: Trading Is Flow Business1. Only Trade When it's Fun 2. When Not to Trade 3. The Best Trading Hours For: A. Forex Traders B. Index Traders C. Crude Traders 4. Why Fast Scalping is Better than a Few Well-considered Trades 5. Discipline is Easier in Flow 6. Warning and Control Instruments 7. When You Win, Be Aggressive and Be Defensive When You Lose






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