Mindful Lingam Massage Quick Reference

erotic, tantric massage for couples

Yella Cremer

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Arousal, pleasure and relaxation: A Lingam Massage can be sensuous and exciting, but also calm and relaxing. Start with no intention of going anywhere. If the man gets aroused very quickly, spread this energy with long strokes over the whole body. It can be supportive if he breathes deeply. Remind him to relax in case you notice him tense.

For many men it is new that their Lingam is at the center of a en on while they don t have to do anything except for taking the me for their own sensations.

The Mindful Lingam Massage Quick Reference offers an illustrated short summary of the essential Lingam massage techniques and is a valuable inspiration for every lover. Working with the quick reference is a fun way to deepen your understanding of the male genital massage. The quick reference has a high-quality lamination that makes it hard-wearing, ideal for versatile use during massaging or love-making.


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