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Silence is much, much more than people think it is: it begins with the quietening of the thoughts and ends with the Highest Realization, the recognition of the Infinite Mind. This is the testimony of the many great Teachers from all religions who practise Silence. Initially, it may appear to be a very simple practice—just sitting still and doing nothing, or walking in the woods and being quiet—but the end results are tremendous. In the book “Silence”, author Imre Vallyon explains how to practise Silence with some simple meditations, how to be with others in Silence, how to communicate with others by Silence, and how to listen to Silence. When read slowly and in a contemplative way, this book will help you appreciate the tremendously transforming power of Silence. “Just enter into Silence. Remember, this is a condition of Natural Stillness which arises from no-thinking. It is a natural way of not thinking. It is not a concentration, but a no-concentration. There is no specific object to concentrate on; it is a natural, attentive Awareness of all things inside and outside you.”


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