Only You - an absolutely gripping psychological thriller (Unabridged)

S. Williams


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Beschreibung zu „Only You - an absolutely gripping psychological thriller (Unabridged)“

When Athene walks into Mary's cafe and asks for directions to a holiday cottage she has rented, Mary tells her it burned down twenty years earlier. Since Athene has nowhere to stay, Mary suggests that she checks in to a local pub for the night.
What Athene doesn't know is that the burnt-out house was where Mary's friend, Bella, lived-the only person she ever loved, who died in terrible circumstances.
Brought on by Athene's arrival, Mary feels her past leaking into the present. There's a secret to Bella's death, something she's kept buried for years. But is Athene really who she says she is? Then Trent, the man convicted of starting the fire that burnt down the cottage, contacts Mary. He received an anonymous email that refers to the past. And then Mary starts to feel like she's being watched, terrified the past is coming back to haunt her.
Maybe some things can't stay buried...

Gelesen von:

Henrietta Meire


Dreamscape Media




9 Std. 7 Min.





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