You Can Handle The Truth

Nicholas Bernard

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Beschreibung zu „You Can Handle The Truth“

You want to know, but you don’t want to ask a religious person because you already know the canned answers you will get.

You want to know, but you don’t want to ask a nonreligious person because you know what well-rehearsed answers you will get!

The answer lies in one powerful person and His legacy! This powerful person is unmatched in:

His love legacy

His influence on seen and invisible entities

His sustaining power of all existence

His influence on our final wellbeing

His position of power and authority

His transcendence of time and space

Spirituality is about down-to-earth people living an up-to-heaven, extraordinary life. It is a life salted by love, laughter, and relationships and also peppered by circumstances of discomfort and pain. The combination of salt and pepper produces a perfect balance of character and personal worth. Let me tell you about it!


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