The Horse Goddess

A Celtic saga of myth and legend

Morgan Llywelyn

Historische Romane Fantasy

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Buchbeschreibung zu „The Horse Goddess“

Centuries before the High Kings, the druids ruled the land…

Epona is a young Celtic girl gifted with mystical abilities. But she has never wanted the destiny her power decrees. And so when Prince Kazhak and his wild band of Scythian horsemen burst into her life, she does not hesitate.

Fleeing with Kazhak across the vast grass seas of ancient Europe, Epona masters the art of the ridden horse and leads the Celtic expansion from Bohemia into the west.

But their journey is plagued by the menacing presence of Kernunnos, a perpetual shadow some call the Shapechanger.

This symphonic adventure weaves an enthralling web of magic as it resurrects the colour and ferment of a long-vanished world, perfect for fans of George R. R. Martin, Madeline Miller and Katharine Kerr.

Praise for The Horse Goddess

Great feeling and towering imagination… An outstanding work’ Liverpool Daily Post

A sweeping tale drawn from Celtic mythology’ Publishers Weekly

‘A masterpiece of its genre’ Andrew M. Greeley, bestselling historical fiction author

The reader remains captivated from first page to last’ Jean M. Auel, bestselling author of the beloved Earth’s Children series

‘She writes about ancient Ireland as if she just had breakfast there’ Parke Godwin, World Fantasy Award-winning SFF author

‘Morgan Llywelyn is surely the modern-day Bard of the Irish’ Beatrice Small, bestselling historical romance author

‘One of my all-time favourite authors’ Jude Deveraux, bestselling historical romance author

The best there is in the field of historical fiction’ Jennifer Wilde, bestselling gothic romance author

Über Morgan Llywelyn

Since 1980, Morgan Llywelyn has created an entire body of work chronicling the Celts and Ireland, from the earliest times to the present day. Her critically acclaimed novels, both of history and of mythology, have been translated into many languages. Her books include 1916 and Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish. She is an Irish citizen and lives in Dublin.


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