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Teaching a dog to follow a “target” is the best way to train both simple and complicated behaviors. Targeting is useful for everything from training the family dog to competitive obedience and agility. The detailed instructions in this book will deliver outstanding results!

Save your back, work at a distance, or get tricky parts of the dog, such as the back feet, moving the way you want them to move. You'll learn how to train your dog to target your hand, a contact disk or a target stick, then utilize targets to build complex behaviors. Teaches you how to break down a behavior into easily trainable steps. Target training can be used for at-home manners, therapy dog work, canine sports, or to teach tricks. Targeting can help you get to your goal no matter what it is! Click here to view an excerpt.

What reviewers are saying...

Right On Target!: Taking Dog Training To a New Level is knowledgeably co-authored by dog experts Mandy Book and Cheryl Smith. This informed and informative introduction to properly and effectively training a dog methodically takes the reader through the intricate process of training a dog for a more sports oriented form of activity. Drawing from their many years of experience with dogs, Mandy Book and Cheryl Smith deftly explore the mapping of a proper training routine with an easy-to fallow and “user-friendly” format accessible and applicable by even the most novice dog owner. Right On Target! Is very strongly recommended to all readers wishing for a more effective and thorough training manual for guidance of bringing their canine companion through all of the proper training procedures required for a great show and a lot of recreational activities. James A. Cox

The clicker training book covers how to train your dog to target with his nose, feet and body. It moves on to gives ideas on how to use those targeting behaviors when training for such things as agility, obedience and general tricks... Overall, the book was easy to read and follow. If you're a clicker fan and are looking for clear directions for target training, this is definitely the book for you. Marlene Parish

Targeting where a dog is trained to touch something with his nose, paw or body, is a training technique often used by clicker trainers to help shape behaviors. This book, written for novice dog owners and serious dog competitors alike, will teach you to use targeting to teach your dog all sorts of behaviorism from flawless agility performances to riding a skateboard... If you've tried shaping or targeting with your dog but given up because it didn't seem to work, or you were afraid you weren't doing it right, this book will help you succeed. Janine Adams

In Right on Target! Mandy Book and Cheryl Smith have written a comprehensive guide for dog owners and trainers, whether you want a well-behaved dog in your home, a dancing partner for canine freestyle, a movie or commercial "star", or the best agility dog you can train, this book will help you achieve your goal... This book provides a well-explained plan for teaching behaviors to your dog that will make your dog look like a genius. Martha Faulk

Über Mandy Book

Mandy Book has been an instructor for more than 25 years. She began clicker training early in her dog training career after attending a seminar by Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes in 1990. She owns three dogs and currently competes in agility, where she uses the precision and enthusiasm that clicker training offers to get the most from her dogs. She is the co-author of Right on Target.


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