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How to Self-Publish, Market your Books and Make Passive Income Online for Life

Josh Williams

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Do you like to amuse and entertain, inform or teach? Or do you have a great book in mind but don't know how to bring it to life?
Did you get frustrated by the traditional literary agents who take forever to get your book approved or other traditional publishing gatekeepers who make you almost want to give up on the idea of publishing a book at all?
Or you are only looking for a side business you can do that can make you an extra $1000 in passive income per month?
Or do you dream to live with zero worries eating you up and no stress about finding a new job, or taking your time off work to move, or having worries about your paycheck because you have a system that makes you money even while you sleep! If yes, this is the best book for you.

I get you! I have been in your shoes and experienced the same, so I decided to write this book to teach you everything about Self-Publishing and help clear all your doubts and get you started right away. Besides, I have successfully published several best-selling books, and I know what you should do to avoid pitfalls and get you the right result. I will be sharing with you my wealth of experience in this book so you can do as good as I am or even better!

In this book, I will teach you:

- Self-publishing basics; how to get started and grab the maximum profit.

- How to do research and check if there is a hungry market for your book

- How to write a book on a subject you know nothing about

- How to hire ghostwriters, work, and manage them effectively for optimum results.

- How to format your book without having to buy any tools or hire someone to do it for you.

- How to determine your writing needs, assign resources to create and market your book while ensuring that it is being displayed to the right audience.

In all, I'll teach you the A-Z of self-publishing, from solving your dilemma of self-publishing to clearing your doubts and questions and finally guiding you to publish your masterpiece successfully. This book will be your best pal on your way to financial independence.


- IT'S A COMPLETE GUIDE- I'll be showing you step-by-step on how to self-publish a book on any niche/topic. - I will show you my process of coming up with ideas, publishing, and making money from the books. I will teach you precisely what you need to know, step-by-step with lots of examples and pictorial illustrations.

- IT IS NOT A STORYBOOK- This book strictly deals with facts that you will relate to and explain with practical examples that'll leave no dull moments for you.

- IT IS FULL OF PRO-TIPS- I discuss many unique pro-tips I discovered through my experience with publishing books.

- INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS! - In this book, you will find creative and unique solutions and suggestions that have never been stated before and cannot be found elsewhere.

Trust me! You will get everything you need and apply it straight away, and be on your way to making money from self-publishing.

If you want to know exactly how to self-publish your book, turn your idea into a finished product and make money with it, look no further. Self-Publishing eBooks: How to Self-Publish, Market your Books and Make Passive Income Online for Life is a classic for everyone.
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