To Buy or Not to Buy:

Burial Ceramics

John R. Jordan

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Beschreibung zu „To Buy or Not to Buy:“

A basic picture guidebook to recognizing the authenticity of Pre-Columbian burial artifacts.

Appraisals are used most often to confirm the authenticity and current value of items. Getting an appraisal can help owners get an idea of how much they should insure items for. Appraisals help both sellers and buyers by providing information on an item's history, origin, and condition and therefore a justification for an item's price. If you require such information for Pre-Columbian artifacts, an appraisal could be exactly what you need. Appraisals are a wise investment. But, in my opinion, spending money on an appraisal for fakes, reproductions, or even low value authentic items is not always a wise use of money. This book will go a long way toward helping you distinguish whether your piece is authentic-looking enough for you to invest in an appraisal, and whether to buy the piece that’s caught your eye.






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