Yoga meets Golf: More Power & More Flow

Golf Fitness with Yoga

Dorothee Haering

Sport & Fitness Spiritualität

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Beschreibung zu „Yoga meets Golf: More Power & More Flow“

Golf Fitness with Yoga
"No thank you!" That would have been the smiling denial of Dorothee Haering two years ago. "Me and yoga; sitting on the floor twisting my limbs into knots?" Unimaginable! But things tend to take their own way. Her physiotherapist sent her to yoga and she discovered all the benefits for her game.

A yoga book written by a golfer is, of course, not a run-of-the-mill yoga book with mainly traditional asanas, the physical yoga poses. On the contrary, this special exercise program is tailored specifically to golfers' needs. With a balanced mix of traditional techniques and modern training principles as well as the easy-to-follow instructions described step-by-step, this book is eminently suitable for non-yogis. The subjects "Golfer's Elbow: No thanks" might as interest many afflicted golfers as the training tips to more mobility of the hip.

Freshly edited and with numerous photographs specially taken for these exercises, this book reflects Dorothee Haering's great passion for golf. A book by a golfer for those golfers who want to work on their physical and mental attitudes in an easy-going fashion.

* Set-up & Balance * Arms & Hands * Footwork & Strain * Rotation & Back * Playing in the Flow and mental Strength * Background Knowledge Golf & Health * Warm Up for the Driving Range, Golfers I & II

Roll out your mat! Your age is of no consequence. If you can play golf then you can practice yoga, irrespective of your individual constitution and physical condition. All you need is motivation and perseverance in order to discover yoga as a new source of energy for your golf game. Move your game!

Über Dorothee Haering

Dorothee Haering is a free-lance photographer and owner of the graphics and marketing agency "bildhaft", in Munich, Germany. Dorothee had her first experiences with golf between the ages of eight and eleven, as a caddy and in junior training. Later, life had other plans for her and there followed an involuntary golf-intermission lasting thirty-eight years until the golf addiction broke out again with a vengeance. She finally graduated in July 2006 at the age of 45 with her handicap certificate. Her goal for her (second) golf career: After five years should be a single-handicap on her club badge. In the book project "Move your Game", Dorothee Haering has gathered together the information that she would have liked to have possessed at the beginning of her own golf career. It would have made following her fiveyear plan to a single handicap more efficient. Justin Walsh is not only a Professional Golf Association and NLP trainer; he is also trained in sport hypnosis and energy psychology. He is a Trained Brain Coach at the Logical Golf Academy near Munich, Germany. His training method is an optimum combination of technical and mental golf training coupled with British humor.


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