The Yummy Jellybeans of Relationships

The Flavours that Work

Tracey Calvert-Joshua

Familie & Erziehung

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Beschreibung zu „The Yummy Jellybeans of Relationships“

On the evening of my 10th birthday, my grandpa told us a story, that still replays as vividly in my mind, as it did that day. This story is NOT about my grandpa.

But if that made you want to keep reading, then we have something in common. Just like you, there is nothing that grabs my attention more than when someone starts off with a personal story. And there’s nothing that drives a point deeper, than if the story-teller references social experiments.
If you really want to bring it all together for me, then tie it all to popular fiction characters.

Without these, you run the risk of it all sounding like one loooong, cleverly-disguised lecture. In this book, I do exactly that. The chapters are named after jellybean flavours, with reference to Bertie Bott's jellybean flavours in the Harry Potter novel. As you chew on each non-magical flavour beans, you will observe the mistakes I and others have made in our relationships, what made us finally learn and how we have made the smallest of changes to go against the trend and have thriving relationships.

Because, as I say very often in this book: "It's always the small things."






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