Experimental Investigation of the Spirit Manifestations

Robert Hare

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Beschreibung zu „Experimental Investigation of the Spirit Manifestations“

Dear Sir : I send you the following communication, and think it to be an emanation from the spirit life. I feel not a little reluctance in so doing, for it is seldom I can get any thing for others. How it may suit your mind, I do not know, nor do I wish to impose it upon you for any thing worthy your consideration. I would hesitate much to instruct one so much my senior, and whose name I esteem, were it not that I love a cause so near your heart; and I feel that my mind is only the channel through which I have every evidence, the unseen in the spirit life, at times give their thoughts to mortals. I have no idea from what spirit it came, but know it did not originate in my own brain .


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