Quo Vadis, HR?

A department has to change. Immediately. Or it will fade away ...

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Beschreibung zu „Quo Vadis, HR?“

Are you a HR Manager? Then you might not like this book. Why?
Industry 4.0
Digital transformation
Disruptive Markets
Change of Mindset

Buzzwords over buzzwords describing nothing more than an enormous change throughout society and in working environment here in particular - sounds as if the HR department is the least suitable department in a company to present solutions for this wide range of requirements - at first.

It can be done though - but a radical change has to be made. Something must happen IN the entire HR management - or something will happen WITH the entire HR management.

The way HR departments work today is simply no longer needed.

If they take the opportunity to deal with these issues of the future, they may finally be perceived as what they should be:

Real Business Partners.

The necessary changes and how they could be implemented are described here in a short, concise and very fluent form.


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