The Proposal

A new arrival: Dao Buddha

Medusa Loveheart

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Beschreibung zu „The Proposal“

This book is written by The last warlock and is a wonderful journey in our evolution. A brand new ism is revealed, Dao Buddhism with all that it means and a breathtaking look upon this world today. It reveals the truth about the human being and brings you a better faith in tomorrow. There is groundbreaking metaphysics and facts that are brought up. This book covers the world picture and normality norm of Dao Buddhism. There are some discussion about some hot topics and it gives a thought to anyone reading this. There is a taste of the vision of humanitys and this planets future. This is the first book about Dao Buddhism written by Medusa Loveheart, the second book is called "One Unity now and beyond" and is the full vision of the future from Dao Buddhism point of view,


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