GLYX: Shed three real kilos fast

This is how I do it: with know-how, effortlessly - and totally upbeat!

Marion Grillparzer

Gesundheit & Ernährung

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Losing weight isn't about magic. It's about knowledge:
knowing how different foods stimulate thermogenesis -
the way your body sheds calories in the form of heat
through your skin - and knowing about fat burners: the
foods that contain vital substances that stimulate the
burning of fat. And while you're at it, remember to enjoy
your "diet." Going hungry is not an option. Nor are you
allowed to starve yourself, otherwise you'll lose muscle,
reduce your metabolism, and quickly regain any lost
weight. Staying upbeat is just as important because
frustration only hampers lipolysis: fat reduction. If you
want to lose three kilos of pure fat in ten days, you'll
need a few simple tricks to start you off and to make
sure you remain in good spirits - which you will,
because once you've shed those real fat kilos, the water
kilos will soon go, too. ☺






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