Delicious Cupcakes

The best sweet recipes for yummy love cakes

Maja Marten Maja Nett

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Beschreibung zu „Delicious Cupcakes“

Divine little cakes for people with a sweet tooth!

Whether for a birthday celebration, as a little gift for the hostess, as a token of your love for someone, a surprise gift for a friend, baking activities with the kids or simply just a treat to munch on in the afternoon - our delicious mini cup cakes are perfect and taste divine whatever the occasion! From fruity strawberry cup cakes with strawberry frosting, creamy tiramisu cup cakes with Espresso, enticing lemonade cup cakes with sour cream or cup cakes filled with chocolate cream, every cup cake will bring a little smile to the world.

- Each recipe is accompanied by a stunning photograph and easy step-by-step instructions
- Classic and trendy recipes for cup cake fans - in a range of different flavours


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