The Western Fiasco: Failure in Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine

Jamal Qaiser Hang Nguyen

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Beschreibung zu „The Western Fiasco: Failure in Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine“

Meticulously researched, formulated with suspense and with a great deal of empathy for those suffering from the horrors of war, the authors give a brutally honest recount of the conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine - and more! Far beyond that, this book is about the global mechanisms of power. All three countries exemplify the callous principle of proxy wars. Here, the power games of the superpowers enfold in regions that happen to serve as "venues." The authors highlight the impotence of the United Nations as well as the paralysis of the European Union.

Beyond analysis and accusation, Hang Nguyen and Jamal Qaiser outline concrete ways in which peace processes can be initiated and steered towards success. Not only, but also in Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine.


Diplomatic Council e.V.




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