Fat Wars

The Inside Story of the Obesity Industry

Ellen Ruppel Shell

Gesundheit & Ernährung

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Beschreibung zu „Fat Wars“

We are facing a gathering health crisis of epic proportions. The crisis is obesity and the diseases linked to it - hypertension, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. While multinational drug companies race to find a cure, the problem only worsens, with experts declaring thatthe UK is the second most obese nation on the planet and that 31,000 death a year in Britain are obesity-related.
In a rare blend of cutting-edge science, history and personal stories, Shell builds a compelling narrative culminating in a thought-provoking - and radical - call to arms. This is the definitive account of how the western world got fat - and what we can do about it.
'A fascinating book... Shell has a droll manner and narrative gift that transforms the most unpromising chapters of obesity R&D into observant little dramas... An illuminating history of overweight' -- Catherine Bennett, Guardian

'A real steel magnolia of a book. A political fist clenched inside a scientific glove. Charmingly written with plenty of human interest and colour, its underlying message is nonetheless clear and radical.' -- Jerome Burne, Financial Times


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