Dangerous Appointment

A breath-taking, action packed political crime thriller

Dennis Kenyon


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Buchbeschreibung zu „Dangerous Appointment“

Under the obscurity of night, a helicopter lands on the desolate, frozen surface of Lake Michigan. 'What have I done?... What have I bloody well done?' Alistair Craig asks himself, as his dream of a million dollars and a new life is shattered upon the shocking discovery of the identity of his passenger. Thrust at the heart of a terrorist kidnap plot, Craig will need to expertly navigate a heart stopping 1,000-mile flight to the Champagne Princess, a luxury yacht anchored in the Atlantic, as he battles to thwart ISIS & the IRA s plans. Political intrigue, violent action, torture and a fraught romance are masterfully woven together in Dennis Kenyon's first, breath-taking thriller, 'Dangerous Appointment'.

Über Dennis Kenyon

Dennis Kenyon is an ex-Royal Air Force fast jet and Canberra Bomber pilot. He left the RAF in 1969 and after a short spell flying fixed wing aircraft on public transport duties, he converted to helicopters. He now earns his living as a helicopter flying instructor. He is also a Civil Aviation Authority approved helicopter display pilot and display examiner having represented Team GB in five World Helicopter Championships winning the Freestyle Display world title in 2002 and 2005. From his Ross-on-Wye aviation office, he runs a helicopter flying scholarship for youngsters aged 18 to 22 in memory of his 18-year-old son. His DVD The Dennis Kenyon Experience, is available from aviation dealers and includes an application form for a fully funded flying scholarship. Dennis is an avid golfer, antique clock collector and restorer, a talented wood carver and former single-seat FV racing driver. He writes a regular column for several aviation magazines and plans to retire into writing. His next book is set in the intriguing world of the diamond trade.


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