Military Diet

A Step by Step Guide for Beginners, Top Military Diet Recipes Included

Bruce Ackerberg

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Beschreibung zu „Military Diet“

Most dieters cannot resist eating their favorite comfort foods. They often say, “One more spoonful and it’s done” without them knowing they are already on their second plate.

In this book, you will discover…

What makes this diet so popular

Replace margarine with this one miracle oil and see your life change

Do this one habit every day and see your fats depreciate

Lifestyle hacks to follow

Step 1 will introduce to you the Military Diet. In Step 2, you will learn about the benefits of choosing coconut oil over margarine while preparing the food recommended by this diet program.

Step 3 will reveal to you 10 tips on how to succeed in the Military diet. Moreover, step 4 will provide you with the 3-day scheduler sampler as well as a 4-day diet hiatus schedule sampler. This will give you a sneak preview into how the Military diet works and why you are assured of satisfaction after every other meal.

After setting your menu guide in place, Step 5 will show you how to complete your Military Diet shopping list. Step 6 will show you the top recipes as a head start on your weight loss journey. The best part of each of the recipes is its below 300 calorie energy densities.

When you have completed the Military Diet, step 7 shows how you can sustain your weight loss. Know more about its compatible diet program and its benefits.

You will learn the basic requirements to start reshaping your body through Step 8 on the Military Diet exercise plan. Lastly, step 9 will give you amazing tips on how you can troubleshoot your weight plateau and achieve more muscles and overall body performance.

Are you ready to start with your body weight overhaul? The Military Diet is here to help you achieve your target weight within 30 days! Good luck and start making your weight loss dream comes true.

Table of Contents


Step 1: Military Diet in a Nutshell

Step 2: Benefits of Choosing Coconut Oil over Margarine

Step 3: Military Diet Tips that speed up Weight Loss

Step 4: Military Diet’s Food Schedule Samplers

Step 5: Military Diet Shopping List

Step 6: Top Military Diet Recipes

Step 7: Lifestyle Diet to sustain the Military Diet

Step 8: The Military Diet Exercise Plan

Step 9: Troubleshooting the Weight Plateau







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