Dark Chocolate Diet Plan

The Step-by-Step Plan to Losing Weight While Enjoying Chocolate

Bruce Ackerberg

Gesundheit & Ernährung

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Are you still looking for that seemingly elusive diet that will make you lose weight but still allow you to enjoy the food that you like best? If you want to find out about a diet that not only allows you but even insists that you eat something that most people regard as indulgent, decadent, and heavenly, keep on reading!

If you are like most people, you probably equate going on a diet with suffering, giving up food that you enjoy eating, and having to practice white-knuckled willpower. You probably associate it with going hungry and forcing yourself not to indulge in food that gives you comfort and pleasure.

Most people see food not only as fuel but also as a source of satisfaction, comfort, and enjoyment. It is difficult to deprive yourself of good food; it takes immense, extraordinary willpower that most people don’t have. It comes as no surprise, then, that 40% of people who diet give up during the first week!

Many diets are just too difficult to sustain. They are too drastic or too strict. They expect you to make extreme and immediate changes in the way you eat. They have a lot of constrictions that lead not only to hunger pangs but to headaches, irritability, fatigue (both physical and emotional), and feelings of resentment and deprivation. They make you feel so constrained and helpless that you end up going on food binges and abandoning your diet.

This Dark Chocolate Diet Plan is unlike many diets in so many points. Read the book and discover the following:

You CAN eat scrumptious dark chocolate – oh, yes, you CAN!

Why dark chocolate is an essential part of this diet.

How to enjoy and savor good food, including dark chocolate!

How to feel that you are in control of food.

You have the option (and the ability) to make food choices that are both pleasurable and healthy.

There is NO need to go hungry.

There is NO need to feel deprived.

How eating “nutritious” food can feel great.

You don’t have to rush and feel stressed about making changes in what you eat.

Why making stark and radical changes in your diet don’t work.

Why it is better to embrace SMALL changes.






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