Finally Ben

Trans – My Path from Girl to Man

Benjamin Melzer Alexandra Brosowski

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Beschreibung zu „Finally Ben“

Yvonne has always been real tomboy. She doesn't care for girly stuff and likes to give herself boy names. When she hits puberty she realizes: She loves girls, but does not feel like a lesbian but rather that she is living in the wrong body.
It takes another five years before Yvonne embarks on the long and painful path of transitioning. After hormone treatment and 14 operations, Benjamin "Ben" Melzer arrives in his own true life. He now uses his athletic talent as a fitness coach and model.
Benjamin Melzer talks bluntly about his painful path, failed penis prosthesis operations, emotional lows and how he fought his way back to the surface. With his story he wants to encourage other affected people and parents of transgender children.


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