The Pure Heart of Acceptance

Adrian Tanase

Hörbuch Ratgeber Spiritualität

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Beschreibung zu „The Pure Heart of Acceptance“

I have started the practice of acceptance more as a necessity than a spiritual pursuit. I was in a situation where I really needed to change my life and the things around me, and I understood that only the practice of acceptance can get me out of my situation. As days and months passed by, I noted different passages from what I understood and after 2 years I compiled out of them the book that you are presently reading. There is not much to say about acceptance, so the book is not lengthy but rather compressed as information, but I made sure that I have explained every detail of the process I underwent. As a bonus, or better said as a surprise that happened in my practice of acceptance, I discovered that by practicing it, the heart opens so that you can see the world in its pure and pristine quality. Therefore, I also adapted the title to include it, naming it instead of "The Path Of Acceptance" to "The Heart of Acceptance". There is a lot written in this book about the open heart of acceptance, and I even dedicated a full chapter to it. I hope you will enjoy my book and gain the courage and attitude to practice it yourself. Namaste.

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Adrian Tanase


Crystal Gate Publishing




2 Std. 8 Min.





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