64 Orthodox Christian Prayers

Adrian Tanase


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Beschreibung zu „64 Orthodox Christian Prayers“

Prayer is one of the most ancient forms of connecting to the Divine. Alongside meditation, prayer has been used consistently throughout time, to sustain a spiritual life, cleanse our souls of the burdens of our sins and wrongdoings, heal, bring peace, maintain a healthy spiritual life, and most of all, connect to the Divine Aspect, which God ultimately represents.

"64 Orthodox Christian Prayers" is a collection of old Romanian orthodox prayers, translated into English so that more people can benefit from the wisdom of the oldest Christian faith, which spans no more than 2000 years.

This collection of prayers is intended for any Christian practitioner, as there is no absolute separation between faiths, be it Orthodox or Catholic, so anyone could recite their prayers, as they connect you to the same Divine Figure, our Holy Father, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. By repeating a prayer that you feel drawn to multiple times, you will find in the time a sacred and serene silence between the rows of that prayer, that will guide you towards finding your soul again and again.


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