metabolic balance® – Nutrition basics

Introduction to the success program

Wolf Funfack

Gesundheit & Ernährung

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metabolic balance®

metabolic balance® has proven to be one of the most successful nutritional and diet programs in recent years. A recent independent scientific study confirms that metabolic balance® not only leads to effective long-term weight loss, but also improves general blood count and overall health. The program is based on a nutritional plan that is devised for each individual according to his blood count and other personal data. This compact guide is a comprehensible, easy-to-understand introduction to the metabolic balance® program. The book explains complex issues in detail and offers concrete, practical instructions on how to use the metabolic balance® program.

Über Wolf Funfack

Dr. med. Wolf Funfack was a resident specialist in internal medicine and nutrition. He died in 2013. He had almost 30 years experience with various diet programs, the limited success of which led him to devise a completely new method. Together with his wife and a nutritional technician, Dr. Funfack developed the metabolic balance® program in 2001.


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