Boosting Metabolism

A Beginner's 4-Week Guide To Boosting Metabolism For Weight Loss : Includes Recipes and a 7-Day Meal Plan

Tyler Spellmann

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More often than not, weight-loss measures are associated with calorie restriction and different forms of fasting. If you are not keen about limiting the number of meals that you can eat on a daily basis, then you may still lose your excess weight—even if you eat 3 full meals and 2 snacks per day—by following the Metabolism boosting diet.As one of the more popular forms of diet, especially among celebrities, the Metabolism boosting diet is based on the principle of fast metabolism.

Rather than counting how much carbs and fats you are going to consume per meal, this diet allows its followers to eat foods that would promote a speedy metabolism, and avoid foods that can slow down metabolic processes within your body.In general, there are three phases that you must go through in order to accelerate your metabolism.

This book shall guide you in achieving this ideal metabolic state by explaining the various systematic yet simple changes that you have to make in your diet and lifestyle. You would also find several helpful tips that would enable you to:•create your own Metabolism boosting diet meal plans;•prepare and cook dishes that would boost your metabolism; and•sustain a fast metabolism until you have reached your ultimate fitness goals.

Table of Contents

Is the Metabolism Boosting Diet For You?

The Three Phases

Week 1: Learning What To Eat and What To Avoid

Week 2: Preparing Your Food the Right Way

Week 3: Creating Your Own Meal Plan

Week 4: Sustaining a Fast Metabolism Through Healthy Lifestyle Habits







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