Flight 648

Wings of Blood


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Beschreibung zu „Flight 648“

This captivating book, "Flight 648: Wings of Blood” unravels the history and mystery of what really happened on the Egyptair Flight 648. After reading this book, you will uncover the truth behind the hijacking of Flight 648 with an in-depth look into the two-minute commando operation that brought hell to Luqa airport and how it put Malta on the map for the worst ever airplane massacre before the September 11 attacks 16 years later.

Thirty-eight years ago, in November 1985, an Egyptian military commando unit stormed the hijacked Egyptair Flight 648 with more than 96 people on board, triggering a grenade and gun battle that set the aircraft on fire and killed 57 passengers and hijackers.

Benefits from reading this book include:

* Uncovering the truth behind the hijacking of Flight 648

* Gaining an emotional understanding of what happened to the passengers and the crews of the aircraft

* Discovering how this tragedy changed Malta and the world forever

This book includes:

* An in-depth look into the two-minute commando operation

* Facts about the hijackers and the choices made by the government of Egypt

* A story of courage, tragedy and a search for the truth






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