The Digital Challenge

On how we live and cope with digital dangers

Sven Bisquolm

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Beschreibung zu „The Digital Challenge“

Digitalization is the transformative event of our lifetimes. It is all-encompassing, omnipresent and irresistible. Its benefits are as undeniable as they are manifold. But it also throws a long shadow. The potentially harmful side effects aren't just limited to security and privacy issues but affect us on a mental and societal level as well. Addiction to social media sites or video games, cyberbullying and opinion manipulation through echo chambers are serious threats. This book describes what psychological and sociological mechanisms are at play that make these dangers ever so potent. Furthermore, it looks at what people do to protect themselves and to better integrate digitalization into their lives. In doing so, it offers a wide range of digital coping methods and strategies for everyone seeking a healthier conduct with the digital world of today.
What you will find in this book:
- An extensive summary of the most important social and security digital dangers we face.
- Hands-on strategies and methods to better cope with digital dangers.
- Real life examples backed with the latest scientific findings.


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