The Paradigm Shift

Richard Hollands


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Beschreibung zu „The Paradigm Shift“

A sinister conspiracy is about to change the world forever. One of the world s most powerful nations has secretly joined an unholy alliance with India to tip the balance of world power and create an axis that will never again be dictated to by the US government... The world watches helplessly as nuclear weapons replace diplomacy in the increasingly volatile exchanges between the Indian and Pakistan governments. With a fanatic s finger on the nuclear button, world oil supplies are cut off and chaos reigns throughout the Gulf States and beyond. The US and UK governments stand together to face the world threat head on using détente and political pressure to hold crisis at bay while dispatching two of their best agents with more incisive methods in mind. One half of the team is battle hardened but weary Special Forces veteran Luke Weaver. The other, to his discomfort, is the dynamic and beautiful Kirin an American field officer of Indian descent who s familiar with the language and the terrain. As the oil supplies dwindle, the world learns that this is only the beginning of the master plan. Fronted by the maniacal Prime Minister of India, the axis plans to change the world forever: this is the paradigm shift. As the President battles against time and treachery in the highest corridors of White House power, the options are running out as fast as the oil supplies...

Über Richard Hollands

Just when you thought thrillers packed with nightmare visions of Armageddon, cold warstyle treachery and undercover agents' derringdo had crumbled along with the Berlin Wall, Richard W Hollands revives the genre with an exciting new angle and a whole new axis of potential evil! The appositely titled Paradigm Shift is exactly what it says on the tin. It moves the diplomatic, political and military intrigue and shenanigans from the traditional Uncle Sam versus the Soviet Bear to Asia specifically India and Pakistan. What hasn't changed is the nature of the good guys in this case US President Whiting whose true grit in the face of a sinister conspiracy that threatens to change the world forever is the stuff of every action thriller you ever read.

So what exactly is the titular Paradigm Shift? A plot hatched by a lunatic Indian Prime Minister and China to take India and Pakistan to the brink of nuclear war, shut off the world's oil supplies and hold the western world to ransom. As the civilized world's brought to its knees, two undercover agents race against time to take out the madman and restore sanity and here's where Hollands introduces the romantic element by teaming up cynical Special Forces veteran Luke with the dangerously gorgeous Kirin, an American agent of Indian descent. As the chances of success dwindle, a strange and unspoken love grows between the two battlehardened professionals. But will it ever be consummated? The answer seems to be ‘only if their mission succeeds'. Read this riproaring and riveting apocalyptic thriller and find out!

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