Fabric Animals

Cute cuddly friends for adults and children

Yvonne Reidelbach Rabea Rauer Rabea Bauer


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Beschreibung zu „Fabric Animals“

Start making your own cuddly zoo right now.

You just can't help loving these soft, multicoloured, cuddly animals made of velour, fur fabric, cotton, felt or fleece. The teddy, giant mouse, hare, ape and their friends are not just for cuddling and playing with; some also make themselves useful, for example as a hot water bottle cover, cushion, piggy bank, seat or pyjama case. A cute grasping toy and a happy caterpillar will ensure that babies are contented in their cots, and the stately owl Advent calendar simply takes off her apron when the festivities are over and becomes an eye-catching ornament in any playroom or living room.

Every design is accompanied by a brilliant photo, a list of the materials needed and detailed step-by-step instructions. Extra pattern sheets include all the necessary pieces and make copying them child's play.


Naumann & Göbel Verlag




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