Wish You Were Here

Nicola Monaghan

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Beschreibung zu „Wish You Were Here“

DNA doesn't lie. But what if the truth is dangerous?

DNA expert Dr Sian Love has settled into running her own investigative agency and living with her partner, Kris. She's also started seeing a therapist to work through her traumatic history - a big step for Sian.
Then a teenage girl brings chaos to Sian's office door. She claims to be Courtney Johnson - a child who went missing from a Brighton beach over fifteen years ago - but refuses to let Sian test her DNA.
Wary but intrigued, Sian reluctantly revives the undercover skills she learned during her police force days and begins investigating. But revisiting the past has consequences...

Wish You Were Here is an intriguing, multi-layered crime thriller, perfect for fans of Kate Atkinson's Case Histories and British crime dramas The Bay and Unforgotten.


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