Gears of War: Ephyra Rising

Michael A. Stackpole


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Beschreibung zu „Gears of War: Ephyra Rising“

An original Gears of War novel, exclusively detailing the aftermath of the Locust War written by New York Times bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole.
The Locust War has ended with an energy weapon that pulsed across the land, destroying Locust and Lambent alike. The world is in shambles and the few survivors are isolated from one another. Humanity must begin anew. This novel reveals the canonical, never-before-seen events set in the time immediately following the game Gears of War 3.
With most of Sera's civilization destroyed, Sergeant Marcus Fenix and Lieutenant Anya Stroud must somehow rebuild on the ruins. For Marcus, his purpose is impossible to grasp. With no clear enemy to fight, there may be no place left for him in this postwar world. Some call him hero, others view him with resentment.
As Anya struggles to create alliances to re-form the Coalition of Ordered Governments, she quickly discovers how impossible it is to tell friend from foe. Then whispers of Locust still stalking the land begin to spread. Fearing the worst, Marcus forms a team to assess the potential threat. As he and the other Gears search for Locust survivors, however, they quickly discover that the new enemy may be all-too-human, and utterly ruthless.

Über Michael A. Stackpole

Michael A. Stackpole wurde 1957 in Wisconsin geboren, wuchs in Vermont auf und machte dort 1979 seinen Universitätsabschluss in Geschichte. Seit 1987 arbeitet er als Fantasy- und Science-Fiction-Autor und war insbesondere mit Romanen zu den Serien „Battletech“, „Mechwarrior DarkAge“ sowie „Star Wars“ erfolgreich. Stackpole lebt mit seiner Familie in Arizona.


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