Heavy Weather (NHB Platform Plays)

Lizzie Nunnery

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Beschreibung zu „Heavy Weather (NHB Platform Plays)“

'The sky. The water. The air. It won't keep snapping back. You can't keep refreshing the screen. A lie is not a white lie, or a half-lie or a false truth or fake news… It's a lie and we call it a lie, or everything's cracking underneath us.'
Mona is a young woman on the edge. All she sees is the Earth falling apart, but no one really seems to care. Amidst the chaos of competing and contradictory voices, she sets off on a kaleidoscopic journey to find solutions for the planet – and the truth about her family – in the hope that everything might start to make sense again.
Lizzie Nunnery's Heavy Weather is a powerful, timely play about one girl taking control of her destiny in a world teetering on the brink. It is part of Platform, an initiative from Tonic Theatre in partnership with Nick Hern Books. Aimed at achieving greater gender equality in theatre, Platform comprises big-cast plays with predominantly, or all, female casts, written specifically for performance by young actors.


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