The Fake

Deadly Finances

Karlheinz Moll


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Beschreibung zu „The Fake“

After the killing of a bank employee in Munich is linked to the violent death of a man who worked at the Luxembourg branch of the same global banking group, Alexander Granger of the German Federal Police (BKA) is asked to investigate the mystery involving company accounts at these banks where it seems large sums of money have been flowing in and out for unknown purposes. At the same time another man is killed in Singapore while making a call to Interpol agent Cynthia Yeow in Hong Kong to tell her about financial irregularities on a company account he was reviewing. Alexander and Cynthia join forces after more people are killed, all linked to the same few connected companies, and follow clues that ultimately lead them to the United States. In Montana, a Senator is being pushed out, requiring a special election that kicks off a fierce battle for the vacant seat and an unexpected candidate quickly outruns his competitors. A strange business man in Azerbaijan shows an interest in the Montana Senate race while fiercely protecting his secret global business interests in Europe and Asia from detection. More people will have to die unless Alexander and Cynthia can solve the mystery surrounding The FAKE.






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