The Way Ahead 3

Kaleb England NorskDaedalus


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Beschreibung zu „The Way Ahead 3“

Outsider Edwin Maxlin must play a tricky game of politics to level up his alchemy skills in the third book of this witty LitRPG fantasy series.

Like any good student of science, Edwin Maxlin knows there's no better way to gain knowledge than through trial and error. But if his trials since being magically transported from Earth to the land of Joriah have taught him anything, it's that he doesn't have much room for error.

Edwin has spent a year in the Verdant now, working with a strange, but seemingly benevolent, fey Inion to get a grasp on how skills, paths, and mana operate in his new home. He's finally ready to leave the relative comfort of the wild and venture into the cities of the Lirasian Empire to take his alchemical and healing abilities to the next level.

But training with an alchemy guild isn't as easy as it may seem. Not only will Edwin need all his talents—magical and scientific alike—to stay ahead in his studies, he'll have to tread carefully to avoid attracting too much attention from guildmasters, governors, even the Emperor himself. Because Outsiders aren't common in Joriah, and Edwin's very existence could be seen as a threat . . .

The continuation of an imaginative, addictive, and altogether entertaining adventure, The Way Ahead 3 is perfect for fans of role-playing games, epic fantasy, and, of course, the scientific method.

The third volume of the hit LitRPG adventure series—with more than three million views on Royal Road—now available on Audible and wherever ebooks are sold!


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