Be Thou My Brilliant

An Isekai LitRPG

Joseph Marcia Argentorum


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Beschreibung zu „Be Thou My Brilliant“

An Earthling villain must learn to embrace her inner bureaucrat in the second volume of this inventive series mixing humor, cyberpunk, and fantasy.

Via, aka "Empress," used to be a Supervillain—powerful, cunning, manipulative, cruel—until one of her technological innovations glitched and stranded her and her nemesis, the Hero Electra, in an alternate realm. Now, despite her best world-dominating intentions, Via finds herself in a position she never thought she'd be in: local politician.

With her attention divided among building up her city's defenses, using her high-tech prowess to create amazing industrial inventions, and helping her citizens with their never-ending litany of requests and concerns, Via hasn't had much time for scheming or wickedness. So when a lesser Vecorvian royal lands on her doorstep seeking asylum and assistance in battling the manipulative Seneschal who's taken over the city of Silverwall, it's time to let her villainy shine. Only, the more she plans her attack, the more she realizes that if she has any hope of success, she'll need to learn to work with others and even make *gulp* friends . . .

A wise-cracking, fast-moving, action-packed isekai, Be Thou My Brilliant is an irresistible continuation of the series that blends the best of superhero stories, LitRPG, and character-driven urban fantasy.

The second volume of the hit LitRPG fantasy series—with more than one million views on Royal Road—now available on Audible and wherever ebooks are sold!


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