Invaders from the Infinite

John Campbell

Science Fiction

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Beschreibung zu „Invaders from the Infinite“

The famous scientific trio of Arcot, Wade and Morey, challenged by the most ruthless aliens in all the universes, blasted off on an intergalactic search for defenses against the invaders of Earth and all her allies. World after world was visited, secret after secret unleashed, and turned to mighty weapons of intense force - and still the Thessian enemy seemed to grow in power and ferocity. Mighty battles between huge space armadas were but skirmishes in the galactic war, as the invincible aliens savagely advanced and the Earth team hurled bolt after bolt of pure ravening energy - until it appeared that the universe itself might end in one final flare of furious torrential power....

Über John Campbell

John W. Campbell graduated both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as Duke in the early 1930s. He believed that at that time there was no work for a young scientist but there was income for a new science fiction writer. To that end, he published short stories and novels in Amazing, the then-leading science fiction magazine, and Astounding, which marked him as the best science fiction writer of his time. However, his writing career essentially ended with the publication of Who Goes There?, which was published in Astounding.

Campbell soon became editor of Astounding, for which he insisted on rigorous standards: humanized characters, a rigorous scientific background, and the best writing possible, comparable to other magazines of the time. With these ideals, Campbell found and launched a whole new generation of writers, among them Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, L. Sprague de Camp, A.E. Van Vogt, Henry Kuttner, Lester del Rey and others who collectively as well as individually produced an extraordinary body of work and legacy.

Almost all of the early science fiction masterpieces that were to be found were published in Astounding in the early 1940s. The later years were not quite as revolutionary as the first; however, this is not to say that Campbell did not make an impact: he continued to bring new work and new writers to the fore and maintain a very high literary standard throughout his tenure at the magazine. As for Campbell himself, he was regarded in his lifetime (and after) as perhaps the greatest science fiction editor of the century.


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