Crimson Rain

Jaye Roycraft


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Beschreibung zu „Crimson Rain“

An engaging, futuristic thriller!

Star-crossed lovers Rayn and Dina, bound to each other by their telepathic abilities, are forced to part when Rayn is deported back to his home world. But instead of reuniting as planned, they're enslaved by forces out of their control--he by the laws of his world, and she by a raider who seeks revenge against an old enemy.

Raider Alecto Kylariz, a member of the mysterious race known as the Roven, seizes Dina on a whim, thinking to use her as bait in his game of cat-and-mouse with his nemesis, a military commander who murdered Kyl's lover long ago. But when Dina becomes too valuable to risk, the game changes. Now Kyl will stop at nothing to keep her from all his enemies, including her ex-lover, Rayn DeStar.

Following his deportation to his home world, outlaw Rayn DeStar is on probation, forbidden to leave the planet. But when he learns Dina's been abducted, he trades his future freedom for the chance to go after her and kill her abductor. Rayn and Kyl vow to destroy each other.

Dina has spent the past several months on a harsh and lawless world, fighting for survival and finding safety only with Alecto Kylariz, a man not only with tortured dreams and a lust for revenge, but one who harbors a secret so guarded even her telepathic powers can't breach it.

Now she's caught between her love for Kyl and for Rayn, the ex-lover she doesn't know anymore. How can she decide who fights for love and who fights only for vengeance?


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