Bare Minimum Parenting

The Ultimate Guide to Not Quite Ruining Your Child

James Breakwell

Familie & Erziehung

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Beschreibung zu „Bare Minimum Parenting“

The slacker's guide to parenting from the Twitter's most popular dad!
Overachieving parents want you to believe the harder you work, the better your children your will turn out. That lie ends now. The truth is most kids end up remarkably unremarkable no matter what you do, so you might as well achieve mediocrity by the easiest possible route.
In Bare Minimum Parenting, amateur parenting sort-of expert James Breakwell will teach you to stop worrying and embrace your child's destiny as devastatingly average. To get there, you'll have to overcome your kid, other parents, unnecessary sporting activity, broccoli, and yourself. Everyone will try to make your life more difficult than necessary. Honestly, by reading this far, you're already trying too hard. But don't stop now. You're exactly the kind of person who needs this book.
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