Trusting The Intelligence Of Spirit

Reflections Along The Pathway Of Mediumship - An Experiential Perspective

Helen DaVita


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Beschreibung zu „Trusting The Intelligence Of Spirit“

Mediumship is a pathway of personal development and discovery, a journey that requires courage, self-honesty, and commitment. This book explores the essential ingredients of intelligent mediumship communication, the pitfalls to be avoided, and some of the challenges and rewards along the way. Helen will share her own experiences of learning to trust her inner voice, while at the same time ensuring she served and respected the spirit with humility. She will also reflect on the beauty of spirit communication with authentic experiences as examples.Helen DaVita is the Principal of Eagle Lodge Training and is also an approved training provider. She carries over 30 years of wisdom as an International spiritual teacher & inspirational speaker, world-renowned Intuitive, Arthur Findlay College Tutor/Course Organiser and sentient Animal Communicator. Helen is likewise a leading educator of being in altered states and trance mediumship.Her ’Sitting In the Power’ guided exercise has had over 1 million downloads and reached a global audience. It is freely available on her website and YouTube channel.Helen’s belief is that we are all ‘one’ - one universe, one nature, one family and that spiritual development must be in harmony with the one family approach, to be authentic. We find authenticity in a type of ‘permaculture’ of the spirit. Each aspect has a purpose, and it must not be divisive or create a separation. It must encompass nature, animals and energy. It is the way our ancient ancestors knew to survive and has no religion.






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