The Master of Black Water

Part 1

Darina Frein Helena Romanova


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Beschreibung zu „The Master of Black Water“

There is such a profession — to kill people with magic. Did you not know about that? And didn't you have a clue about it?

What's a legal way to get rid of a business rival, for example? Only through special practice.

Elia lives in Moscow and professionally murders "to order" while leading a secular lifestyle and trying to find out the purpose of her existence. Suddenly, one beautiful evening, the system fails, and events begin to unfold unexpectedly even for her.

This book is an innovative genre of an alternative life story of the spiritual practitioner Darina Frein, who has described the true story of her journey in "The world's consciousness" book.

Looking back, we all sometimes wonder: "What if ...? If I had made another choice and my life would have been completely different?" Do you believe that all the people in your life are accidental, or that despite your choice, you'll, no matter what, meet those who are linked to you? What are life and death, and how do the laws of Genesis actually operate if you start to break them regularly?


Darina Frein




ca. 76





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