How to Study and Understand Anything

Discovering The Secrets of the Greatest Geniuses in History

Dan Desmarques

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Beschreibung zu „How to Study and Understand Anything“

Having worked as a researcher and teacher in the area of ​​learning disabilities, I can guarantee you that, at this moment, the world is centuries behind what you will find in this book.

Many have copied excerpts from my studies, as is the norm in the academic world, but these findings have never been presented in a more complete and simplified way as I am presenting here.

This knowledge will show you the exact strategies that the most successful people in history have used to dominate their minds and do incredible work in the fields of art, music, writing, and more.

The reason I never revealed this information before, is because there are many components of the spiritual field that the academic world is simply not ready to accept.

If humanity ever evolves to turn everyone on Earth into geniuses, it will have to evolve in the direction of what is written here.

With the methods presented here, you can learn any topic and break with the scientific prejudice created around the idea that there are learning disabilities.

Learning disabilities, intelligence, and learning potential are concepts invented to measure something that categorizes people. But they are not real, because you can be whoever you want.

How do I know this? I won awards in many fields and helped students for many years to get the best grades — from elementary school to university. Here, you will discover how I made this possible and what kind of techniques I used to always make my students — from elementary to university level —, win any competition in which they participated, even at the national level.


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