Man And His Ancestor: A Study In Evolution

Charles Morris

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Beschreibung zu „Man And His Ancestor: A Study In Evolution“

In 'Man And His Ancestor: A Study In Evolution' by Charles Morris, the author delves into the intricate relationship between man and his early ancestors, exploring the process of evolution that led to the development of modern humans. Written in a clear and accessible style, Morris combines scientific research with engaging narrative to present a comprehensive study on the topic. The book provides a detailed examination of the evolutionary journey of humans, from the earliest hominids to the complex beings we are today, shedding light on the origins of human traits and behaviors. With references to key evolutionary theories and discoveries, Morris offers a thought-provoking analysis of our place in the evolutionary timeline. Charles Morris, a renowned anthropologist and evolutionary biologist, brings his expertise to 'Man And His Ancestor,' drawing on years of research and fieldwork in the study of human evolution. His passion for the subject is evident throughout the book, making it a must-read for anyone interested in anthropology, biology, or the history of humanity. I highly recommend 'Man And His Ancestor' to readers seeking a scholarly and insightful exploration of human evolution and our ancestral roots.

Über Charles Morris

Charles and Janet Morris live in Temecula, CA, where Charles is the voice of the national radio program HAVEN Today. Charles spent a number of years in broadcast journalism and was former bureau chief for United Press International. He joined the HAVEN team in 2000. Charles and Janet have also co-authored Jesus in the Midst of Success.


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